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This is yet another popular song in Yoruba Land. It is one of the popular Akosori songs which parents sing for their children. As known, Nigeria as a nation is blessed with good climate and rich soil for farming.

orin ise agbe (ise agbe poem)This song explains to children how farming can be a profitable venture when done rightly. It also teaches that, as schooling is good, so does farming too. Let’s check out the song, line by line.

Yoruba Version

Iṣẹ́ àgbẹ̀
Niṣẹ́ ilẹ̀ ẹ wa
Ẹni kò siṣẹ́
Á mà a jalè
Ìwé kíkọ́
Láì sí ọkọ́ àti àdá
Kò ì pé o
Kò ì pé ò!

English Version

Is our fore-father’s job
Who so ever is indolent
Will definitely steal
Sound education
Without farming tools
It's incomplete education
Yes! It's incomplete education

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