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Yoruba is a tribe with special heritage. In Yoruba political system, we have Oba (King), Eso (Securities) and Oloye (Chiefs) - Each of them having their unique functions they play in governing people. War Lords can be described as “Balogun” in Yoruba Language. These are specially chosen people coronated and empowered to lead war fronts in Yoruba Land.

There are many positions of Balogun in Yoruba Land, and each wields a powerful command and authority. These set of chiefs are special entity themselves, like the modern militaries we have today. According to research conducted, Alaafin Oyo is the king which is in helm of ordaining any of these Baloguns.

balogun in yoruba landThis page will be highlighting different war lords position we have in Yoruba Land. It is worthy to note that, despite the modernization, ordination of Baloguns is still so much in practice in many parts of Yoruba Land.

This is a comprehensive list of ordainable positions of Balogun in Yoruba Land:
1) Olugbon
2) Aresa
3) Olukoyi
4) Aare Ona Kakanfo
5) Olofa Ina
6) Alapa
7) Timi Agbale
8) Gbonnka Ebiri

In the subsequent articles, we shall be describing the roles and functions of individual position enumerated above. Thank you. 

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