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There are many day-to-day vocabularies which we use in our regular Yoruba communications. Findings conducted affirm that, a large number of people are in search of different Yoruba words with their opposite.

words and opposites in yorubaOn this page, we will be solving that, by highlighting most Yoruba words and their opposites which you can use in your conversations. Do join me as we dive in…

# Oro Idakeji Words/Opp
1 Baba Iya (father/mother)
2 Egbon Aburo (elder/younger)
3 Okunrin Obinrin (male/female)
4 Olowo Olosi (rich/poor)
5 Igbadun Iya (enjoyment/suffering)
6 Ebi Aayo (hunger/satisfaction)
7 Iye Iku (life/death)
8 Dudu Funfun (black/white)
9 Rerin Sokun (laugh/cry)
10 Imole Okunkun (light/darkness)
11 Tobi Kere (big/small)
12 Oke Isale (up/down)
13 Wole Jade (in/out)
14 Ibeere Idahun (question/answer)
15 Arewa Oburewa (pretty/ugly)
16 Ibere Opin (beginning/end)
17 Kuru Gun (short/tall)
18 Tuntun Alusi (new/old)
19 Yara Lora (fast/slow)
20 Sanra Ru/Tinrin (fat/thin)
21 Sun Ji (sleep/wake)
22 Ile Oko (home/farm)
23 Didara Aidara (good/bad)
24 Imototo Idoti (cleanliness/dirtiness)
25 Suru Agidi (patience/impatience)
26 Alaafia Ogun (peace/war)
27 Akinkanju Ole (hardworking/lazy)
28 Iwaju Eyin (front/back)
29 Ajoyo Ikedun (celebration/mourn)
30 Lo Wa (go/come)

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