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Oba can simply be described as a ruler. While the President is the political leader of the country, ethnic groups have their own traditional rulers. Since the days of our fore-fathers, kings have been put to oversee the helm and affairs of communal activities and appease the gods for peaceful co-existence of all dwellers. Kingship is often done by lineage and it is the function of king makers to consult the oracle to know the right candidate to mount the throne.

Integrity in Kingship should be one of the most important components in the Yoruba Traditional Society, no wonder a town or a village does not exist without having a ruler. These rulers (kings) are referred to as sons of Oduduwa. By the way, Oduduwa is known as the first Ife’s ruler and represents the ancestor of all modern and autonomous royal families and generations in Yorubaland.

names of kings in yoruba land

Kings in Yoruba Land

Yoruba Library as Group that aims at showcasing the uniqueness of the great Yoruba cultures hereby presents you with the comprehensive list of all kings in Yoruba land, with their titles and pictures. This e-book is one of its kind, as it has been encoded into PDF and carefully researched to exhibit facts and figures of different kings in Yoruba Land.

Different people have found this e-book to be of immense help, as it was produced for people seeking to know different kings we have in Yoruba land with their correct titles. It is specially made for individuals, students, teachers and every society searching to explore rich Yoruba Cultural heritage.

Tons of great benefits are derivable in this e-book such as:

  • Having general understanding of Yoruba culture
  • Passing different examinations about Yoruba Literature and cultures conveniently
  • Easily answer on-radio, television, online and debate questions.
  • Helping people studying different Yoruba related courses in schools.


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  • Document Language: Yoruba/English Pair
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