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Translation makes communication to be very easy and seamless. Language Translation is a written/spoken communication in a second language, having the same meaning as in the first language. In different situations and circumstances, translation from one language to another is important in human race. Translation from one language to another makes one easily understand the meaning of a particular information. One of the most common language pair translations is Yoruba/English.

Helping to bring people together, regardless of language barrier is one of our missions and we are proud of the part we're playing. Yoruba Library offers 24/7 online translation service between Yoruba-English pair in a unique and excellent way. We make use of a very competent and professional linguistics for our Translation service. Unlike others, we don't use machine for our translation service, every bit of the translation is correctly handled by our dedicated, experienced and professional team. Our Award-Winning translation services is heavily used by different individuals, schools, authors and corporate bodies to translate from/to Yoruba - English language pair. 

professional Yoruba to English translator

Professional Translation Service

We make it possible for any size of business/individual to have fast and accurate translation service one can ever imagine! Our Translation passes through three (3) different Translation Teams - this makes all the translation to be 99.9% correct and neatly done. We are time conscious in our services, as we work toward meeting up with your targeted deadline for each project.

Top Features of Our Translation Service

Professional Team:

We are made up of competent linguistics that are specialists. Our translation service is hereby guaranteed!

Time Management:

Each translation is given the due urgency it deserves. Timing is so precious to us.


To properly deliver high quality values, the translated documents undergo three (3) different teams.

100% Human Translation:

Effective translation can only be done by the native speakers of the primary language.

24/7 Availability:

Our Translation service available all day through the week!

Data Security:

We place a premium on data security and have the most robust privacy policies available on the market, our online service has been a safe choice for secure translation trusted by many!

The simplicity of our service makes us stand-out amongst other providers. Our pricing is highly affordable to all, and we have different pricing plans tailored towards different categories of people. We support different file formats to translate from.

The convenience use of our service enables Authors, Schools, Individuals, Bodies, Organization to easily translate their Documents, Articles, Scripts, Projects and Books between Yoruba/English pair. Whether your Yoruba translation need is small or large; we have you covered!