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Typing can be described as a process of entering data through the keyboard to obtained a refined information. Before this time, people manually type their documents using the traditional conventional method - undoubtedly, this consumes time, resources and always leave the document with imperfections. It becomes even more cumbersome when one is given a typing task that is a language-specific.

The Yoruba Library Team believes that “Technology is meant to simplify and better peoples' lives”. To curb the issue of manual typing, we hereby set up an online facility, which enables people to type their documents more professionally and accurately in either English or Yoruba Language using our modern technologies and dynamic tools.

We permanently solve this, by building an A.I programme that types and edits documents in both Yoruba and English Language. Awesome you say? Indeed! This creative innovation brings convenience to all individuals, authors, students and publishers that like to create their documents in either Yoruba or English Language. After processing by machine, it is relayed to our expert team that does the overall proof-reading, and modifications at where necessary for the documents. 

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Virtual Typing Service

Our modern typing solution is equipped with different features that give maximum results. With Advanced Natural Intelligent Engine, Audio Assimilation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities, typing of documents is done flawlessly and in no time. Our Yoruba/English Typing software application outputs an editable and legible documents into popular office processors such as Microsoft Word, Adobe InCopy, Corel Word Perfect etc. All documents are well formatted so you won't need to do additional editing.

Top Features of Our e-Typing Service

Professional Rendering:

The typing is done in a professional way that makes the document presentable anywhere and save you hassle of re-editing.

Speed & Accuracy:

Our solutions outputs about 500WPM (Word Per Minute). It is further proof-read by a team for correctness.

Payment Flexibility:

Our e-Typing service is available for everyone, ranging from small, medium to large scale consumers.

Field-Specific Docs:

We offer typing from wide range of profession-based fields such as Legal, Finance, Medical etc.

24/7 Availability:

Yoruba Library e-Typing channel is open each day all through the week. Indeed, we are setting pace...

Data Security:

We place a premium on data security and have the most robust privacy policies available on the market, our online service has been a safe choice for secure translation trusted by many!

Only change is said to be constant in life. This is new age, and the revolution is here. Use our service to get your documents typed easily and professionally.