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Yorùbá Proverbs are wise sayings passed through generations to teach historical lessons, highlight good morals, and instill social values. Proverbs are often short, well-known pithy saying, stating a general truth or piece of advice. Yoruba is a tribe with rich cultural heritage; and proverb is one of such beauties. Each proverb has appropriate time, environment and circumstance of usage and this makes different people to incorrectly say some proverbs.

owe yoruba (yoruba proverbs and meaning)

Yoruba Proverbs

Proverb has proven to be one of the most effect tools in communication since ages, and there are tons of proverbs with different meanings. Yoruba Library hereby presents you with a unique video, well researched and articulated clip to showcase different kinds of Yoruba proverbs, its English translation and the reasons behind such proverb. This video is one of its kind, and made in form of digital e-book for a better grasping and understanding and to ultimately give a great sense of realism and listening pleasure. Collation of these proverbs undergone a thorough investigations as it was documented from those that are in the helm of Yoruba proverbs itself i.e. aged and elderly people

Different people have found this video to be of immense help, as it was produced for people seeking to have detailed knowledge about all what Owe Yoruba is about. It is specially made for individuals, students, teachers and every society searching to explore rich Yoruba Cultural heritage.

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This video is based on personal research and believed to be most accurate, as it contains different Yoruba proverbs with their meanings, oral and written contexts and many more. It was made to widen your horizon and give you a better understanding about Owe Yoruba and its proper uses.

All thanks to the portability feature and a well-structured layout of the video, it is playable on phones, tablets, laptops and all devices supporting mp4 codec. Tons of great benefits are derivable in this video such as:

  • Having general understanding of Yoruba culture
  • Passing different examinations about Yoruba Literature and cultures conveniently
  • Easily answer on-radio, television, online and debate questions.
  • Helping people studying different Yoruba related courses in schools.


  • Length: 45mins (or less)
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  • Language Spoken: Yoruba
  • Subtitle: English
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