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Yoruba people have different kinds of dishes. Sighting pictures of some of those foods can leave one appetizing. Generally speaking, each Yoruba towns or village is known for something spectacular. It could be for sport, activity, communication and so on. For example, Osogbo is best known for Tye-dyeing (Aro), Ikire is known for Dodo Making etc.

Today, we’ll talk about popular Yoruba foods and where they originate. The purpose of this page is neither to show how such food is prepared or enumerate items for such food, but to list places/regions in Yoruba land known for that particular type food. Shall we?


amala ati gbegiriThis food is also called “Oka”. Oyo people are specially known for Amala Dudu and so many people believe that this food actually originated from Oyo town. The food has received a wide acceptability since its inception because many people really loved eating it. Amala Dudu can be taken with any soup, but it is best enjoyed with a Yoruba soup known as “Abula” (i.e. Gbegiri and Ewedu combined) laced with assorted meats.


iyan ati obe egusiElderly ones often say “Iyan l’ounje, oka l’oogun”. When you are hearing pestle sound in your neighbourhood, then it is likely such occupant is either from Ijesha or Ile Ife. These people enjoy eating this food greatly. Pounded yam is so common that, there is virtually no Yoruba occasion that you won’t find it. The best stew that go alongside this food is Egusi.


gari ijebuThis is the third food in our list today. There is no other place in Yoruba land that takes first in making cassava flake than Ijebu. This food is widely consumed, despite it is not advertised. It is a quick relief for anyone that is famishing, because it is very to procure. Garri can be taken alongside roasted fish with extra-chilled bottled water. Many people really believe that, this combination induces sleep (laughing).


aadunThis is one of the evergreen delicacies we still have in Yoruba Land. Are you trying to guess the place known for it? Osogbo you said? Yes, you’re right! Osogbo is known for Aadun making. Though, many people have attributed this delicacy to diabolism. However, this is one great food in Yoruba land, that is loved by many.


ikokoreMy Ijebu people never carry last on this one too! Ikokore is a unique delicacy which has been in existence since time immemorial.

So, which have you tasted amongst these foods? What's your experience? Let's have your contribution.

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